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NASFAT Agency for ZAKAT and Sadaqat (NAZAS) was established in 2014 and incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee (GTE) with the registration number 1167914. The agency was established in a bid to alleviate poverty among the masses in general and Muslim in particular.

The agency has the responsibility of improving the awareness of Muslims of their obligation of paying Zakat; which is the third pillar of Islam. NAZAS is equally responsible for the collection and distribution of Zakat and Sadaqat. It is also responsible for collecting and managing Waqf (Endowment), Kaffarah (intentional breaking of fast in Ramadan, breaking of oath / vows, intercourse during menstruation), Execution of Wills and providing Guidance and counseling on Zakat calculations. NAZAS also provides Educational and Welfare support programmes and relief for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).
All the principles and acceptable practices on Zakat are disseminated through our website, radio, television, facebook, Twitter, Handbills, Seminars, Training, Public Lectures and Sermons at all occasions including NASFAT Assalatu Centres.
The Agency commenced full operations in Lagos State in March 2014 with a General Manager, Operations Manager and an accountant running the affairs. Having taken firm roots in Lagos area, Nazas now has a branch office in Ogun State to enhance her coverage in the region. NAZAS activities are overseen by a 8-person Board of Directors, most of whom are specialist in their respective field. The programmes of NAZAS are open and available to all Muslims irrespective of their race, gender, societal affiliations and Nationality.

To Be A Unifying Zakat Institution For The Muslim Ummah

To Mobilise The Ummah To Comply With The Laws Of Allah On Zakat

  • To provide credible platforms for the collection, distribution, administration and management of Zakat and Sadaqat.
  • To create awareness on Zakat and Sadaqat by organising, sponsoring and promoting enlightenment, informative and educative programmes on the virtues, calculation and payment of Zakat and Sadaqat.
  • To inculcate the virtues of Zakat and Sadaqat in the Muslim community in particular and the general populace.
  • To monitor and evaluate the impact of Zakat
  • To set up structures and tools to collect Zakat from Muslims either directly or in partnership with others
  • To set up structures and tools to disburse Zakat to deserving Muslims either directly or in partnership with others
  • To institute or support further research that improves the administration of Zakat in Nigeria.