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According to prophet Muhammad (SAW): “knowledge is the lost property of Muslim wherever he sees it, he should grasp it.” Free primary education is fundamental in guaranteeing equitable access to education and laying a foundation for personal development. However, in many states in the country, many families often cannot afford to send their children to schools, leaving millions of children within school-age to be deprived of education. Despite international obligations, some States keep on imposing fees to access primary education. As well as indirect costs associated with these education, such as school inventories or travel, that prevent children from low-income families to actively access/participate in schools. According to UNICEF, Nigeria has 9m out-of-school children, literacy levels below 52%, 30.5m illiterate population, and with 35.6% of children not completing/dropping out in Primary school.

These statistics paints the grim picture of the state of our educational system and the need for intervention by public spirited organisations such as NAZAS. NAZAS provides annual scholarship grants to deserving and indigent students (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary) to pay for their school fees, procure educational materials and provide special grants to visually impaired students among others.